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Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in leasing a trailer/container. Where do I start?
You must have a valid account open with us along with a credit limit and a proper insurance certificate on file. To set up an account, simply fill out our credit application completely and send it back to us. We can email or fax you an application, or you can simply click here to fill out our online version.

I have successfully established an account. What next?
Call our office @ 888-474-4420 to establish the type and quantity of trailers/containers you are needing. A delivery date will be set, you will sign the rental/lease agreement, and provide a copy of your insurance (see below). Depending on the type of trailer, you may also be responsible for paying a deposit.

Do I need insurance coverage?
Yes. Every trailer/container that goes out on rent must have insurance coverage in the form of a valid insurance certificate from your insurance company. This is to protect all of our assets. The certificates should list Capital Alliance Corporation, 6246 Sterns Rd, Ottawa Lake, MI 49267 as additional insured and loss payee.

Does Advantage offer insurance?
No. We are neither an insurance company nor an agent/broker. Your insurance carrier should be able to provide you with the proper coverage that you need to rent a trailer from us. We can help you get set up by working directly with your insurance agent if you so desire.

How does billing work?
You will receive an invoice for each rental period, typically every 4 weeks. We can email or mail the invoices and include necessary Purchase Order numbers. Our payment terms are Net 30. Please call our Accounts Receivable @ 888-474-4420 with any questions.

Do you transport the trailers/containers?
Yes! We are happy to transport your rented or purchased unit(s) to your location for the cost of delivery. We can also assist with relocating units during your lease and picking up units when your rental is complete. Please call our dispatch @ 888-474-4420 to schedule movements.

Who is responsible for maintenance on a rental trailer/container?
We will cover preventative maintenance as well as general wear and tear repairs. We also cover tire repairs for the first 30 days of your lease on a road trailer. You are responsible for damage to the trailer/container due to mishandling and negligence.

What do I do if I have a problem with your trailer/container?
Please call our service line @ 888-474-4420 to discuss your problem. We are available 24/7 to assist you in determining your repair options. Quickly getting the trailer/container back in service for you is important to us. Call us with any other questions or concerns.

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